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Assoc. prof. Viera Doničová MD., PhD.

Private Department of Diabetology, Internal Medicine and Metabolism

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We try to keep sugar under control

What we offer


Diagnostic methods

Continuous glucose monitoring

This is a method we have introduced among the first at Slovakia. It gives the possibility to reveal the glycaemic swings during day and sleep of 3-5 days duration, which helps to adjust the treatment of diabetic patient more efficiently.

Huma-Link Web system for prediction of glycaemia and risk of hypoglycaemia

• Blood pressure and heart rate variability monitoring

• Examination of diabetic neuropathy

• Ultrasound exam of blood vessel system on legs

• Measuerements of the fat content in the body

Ultrazvuk ciev na dolných končatinách
Ultrasound exam of blood vessel system on legs
Prístrojové vyšetrenie poškodenia nervových vlákien pri cukrovke
Examination of diabetic neuropathy
Infúzna liečba v rámci infúznej miestnosti
Infusion therapy

Therapeutic methods

• The insulin pump hatch for the insulin pump treated patients

• Pain treatment with magnestostimulation

• Treatment with ionised- activated oxyg

• Infusion therapy

Educational methods

• Lectures on healthy life style, prevention of diabetes and metabolic disorder

• Educational series for diabetic patients with specialised nurse

• Regular cooperation with Association of diabetics in Kosice

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